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X'Trapolis transfer, October 2005

The Connex X'Trapolis EMU fleet required a number of modifications that were carried out at the Ballarat Workshops. Set 925M-1663T-926M + 919M-1660T-920M was transferred from Ballarat to Bayswater (via Geelong) with T377 as the motive power, with power van GVDY 52Y attached to the rear

CFCLA T377 leads the X'Trapolis transfer towards Southern Cross

October 25, 2005 15:07 PM
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T377 ducking under the Bourke Street footbridge

October 25, 2005 15:11 PM
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X'Trapolis set 925M-1663T-926M + 919M-1660T-920M on transfer at Southern Cross

October 25, 2005 15:12 PM
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GVDY van bringing up the rear

The van is fitted with a generator set to operate the brakes

October 25, 2005 15:12 PM
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